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P1 Orientation Information

Dear parents/guardians, 

To provide your daughter and you with more information about the school, we have organised an orientation programme.  It is important to attend this orientation programme as it will make for a smoother transition from pre-school to formal education.  The details of the P1 Orientation programme are as follows:


Day and Date: Friday, 15 November 2013

Venue: School Hall

Things to bring: A pen and pencil, relevant documents, the lower portion of the letter that was sent to you, cash or a chequebook

The programme for the day is as follows :

12.30 pm                 Registration in the respective Pr 1 classrooms (exact payment of $13 for the information package)

1.00 pm                   Briefing on school programme and procedure

1.45 pm                   Briefing on completion of necessary documentation, e.g. Pupil Data form, GIRO  & Edusave  
                               Application form (Note : For those who have registered for P1 online, please bring the    
                               relevant documents.)

1.55 pm                   Completion of the necessary documentation in classroom

2.30 pm                   Purchase of textbooks, uniforms and stationery items (bring an estimated amount of $220)