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Information For Parents

1. School Gate Opening Hours

Gate No. Location For Opening Hours
Gate 1
Side gate beside the HDB public carpark Parents / caregivers picking up children
  • 12.30 pm – 1.45 pm 
  • End of remedial/supplementary lessons and CCAs
Gate 2 Main gate, entrance Staff vehicles and school buses only
  • 6.30 am – 7.30 am
  • 12.00 pm – 12.45 pm (Mon)
  • 1.00 pm – 1.45 pm (Tues-Fri)
Gate 3 Small side gate, next to Guard Post  Pupils and walk-in visitors only   6.30 am – 6.00 pm
Gate 4 Main Gate  Vehicles only (in-gate)  Gate 4 will be open for parents to drop off their children from 6.30 am – 7.30 am
Gate 5 Main Gate Vehicles only (out-gate)   Gate 5 will be open for parents to exit after dropping off their children from 6.30 am – 7.30 am.
Gate 6 Side gate that leads to the bus stop along the main road  Pupils Only
  • 6.30 am – 7.30 am
  • 12.30 pm – 1.45 pm
  • End of remedial/supplementary lessons and CCAs

2. Visitors to the School

For the safety of our pupils, all visitors (including parents/guardians) to the school must have their identification number recorded by the security guard who will then issue a visitor pass at the Guard Post at Gate 3. Visitors are to keep their visitor pass visible as they are required to show the pass to any member of the staff within the school premises.  

As part of security of the school, all visitors are to report to the General Office. Please do not go directly to the classroom or staff room to see teachers or pupils.

3. Permission to Leave School Early

Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises on their own during school hours.

If a pupil falls sick while in school, parents/guardians will be contacted so that arrangements can be made for their child to be taken home or to the doctor. In the meantime, the staff in the school will do their best to care for the pupil who is sick.

If a pupil has to leave the school before dismissal time because of valid reasons, the parent/guardian is required to report to the General Office, record his/her particulars and collect the “Permission To Leave School Early” slip before the pupil is allowed to be taken out of the school. Without this slip, the security guards will not allow the child to leave the school. 
If parents/guardians are unable to fetch their child, the authorised person must produce 
His/Her NRIC,
One of the parents’/guardians’ NRIC, or
A letter of authorisation signed by the parent/guardian  
A pupil cannot be taken out of the school by a minor or go home on her own. This is to ensure the safety of the pupils.

4. Absence from School

Pupils should have a valid reason for absence from school. Absence from school for a long period of time may affect the pupils’ progress in school. 

If a pupil is absent for medical reasons, a medical certificate (MC) has to be submitted to the Form Teacher when the pupil returns to school.
If a pupil is absent for other reasons, a letter of excuse from the parent/guardian with documentary proof (where applicable, e.g. notice for piano examination) has to be submitted to the Form Teacher. 

In addition, a MC or a letter of excuse from parents/guardians must be submitted for all absence from CCA and remedial/supplementary/enrichment lessons if parents/guardians had given consent for pupils to attend the lessons.
Pupils should not take leave of absence during term time to travel abroad without valid reasons. The school will have to be informed in writing and permission must be granted by the school prior to the purchase of travel tickets.

5. Absence from School Examinations

If a pupil is absent from an examination without a valid reason, no marks would be given to her for the examination. 
If she is unwell on the day of the examination, a medical certificate must be presented to the school. Failing which no marks would be given to her for the examination.

6. Safety of Pupils

a. Dropping Off / Picking Up Pupils

Parents/Guardians who drive are to 
  • Drop off their children via Gate 4 and exit via Gate 5 in the morning between 6.30 am and 7.30 am, and 
  • Pick up their children after school via Gate 1. (Parents/Guardians could park their cars at the public carpark next to Gate 1 while waiting for their children as the school has limited parking lots.)

Parents/Guardians are not to accompany their children to the school hall or wait for them in school. 
Pupils going home with parents/guardians will wait at Gate 1 for them. Hence, parents/guardians are to wait outside Gate 1 to pick up their children after school. This is to ensure the safety of all pupils as well as to teach our pupils independence. 

b. Taking School Bus

At dismissal, pupils will be grouped according to the mode of transport and school bus numbers (if they are taking the school bus home). Pupils taking school buses will be led to their buses by teachers and/or bus drivers. The teachers and bus drivers will supervise the pupils to ensure that they board the correct school buses home.

In the event that your child misses the school bus, she should speak with any staff member in the General Office and we will assist her. Parents/Guardians are to reinforce this message to their children. 

Pupils taking the school bus are to observe the following:
Be punctual at the bus pick-up point.
Queue when boarding / alighting the bus.
Keep the bus clean. No food and soft drinks are allowed on the bus.
Fasten seat belt at all times.
No reservation of seats is allowed on the bus.
No playing, shouting or sticking of hands or heads out of the bus.
Place their school bag on the floor and where possible under the seat.
Keep the aisle of the school bus clear at all times.
Keep their hands free of potentially hazardous objects e.g. a mechanical pencil, a pen and a pair of scissors.
Be polite to the bus driver.
Report misbehaviour (e.g. bullying) to the bus driver and teachers-in-charge of the bus.

Parents must inform the bus driver if their child is not taking the school bus home for that day. Parents/Guardians are advised not to change the mode of transport without giving their children prior notice. This will prevent unnecessary confusion to the pupils.

c. Going Home On Their Own

Pupils going home on their own are to observe the following:
Use the traffic lights in front of the school. Do not play on / along the road.
Look to the right, to the left and then right again before crossing the road.

7. Useful Phone Numbers

a. School Uniform, PE Attire & Socks
Magdalene Sewing Centre P L
45 Kallang Pudding Road
#08-03 Alpha Building
Singapore 341397

Operation Hours:
Mon – Fri: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Sat: 9.00 am – 12.30 pm
6293 5840
b. Transport
Granex Express
Blk 654 Hougang Ave 8
Singapore 530654

Sky Transport Services Pte Ltd         (Simei, Tampines and Pasir Ris areas only)
Blk 10 Sin Ming Industrial Estate
Sector C #01-02,
Singapore 575645.

6546 7871

6554 9919

 c. Bookshop
The Continental Book Centre
Blk 1013 Geylang East Ave 3
Singapore 389728

Operation Hours:
 Mon – Fri: 8.00 am – 3.00 pm
6247 8482 
e. Dental Clinic 
Dental Therapist- Miss Goh
Operation Hours during School Term:
Mon & Tues: 8.00 am – 5.30 pm
Wed – Fri: Closed
Lunch Time: 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm

During School Holidays:
Please contact school for the operation hours. A schedule will be given to the General Office.
6842 7963