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Co-Curriculum Activities (CCAs)

As part of the holistic education the school provides, Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) enrich pupils’ learning experience in school. They provide a means through which pupils are able to discover their passions, strengths and weaknesses over and beyond what they might learn about themselves in the academic classroom. Students grow as they learn together, strive together, work with and lead one another in the CCAs they participate in.

Aim of CCA

  • To equip pupils with skills that are not taught within curriculum.

  • To inculcate sound values and good habits, aligned to our school values

  • To build pupils’ Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and leadership competencies

The Four CCA Programme Domains

  • Clubs & Societies
  • Sports & Games
  • Uniformed Groups
  • Performing Arts

List of CCA offered

Clubs & Society
Performing Arts
Uniformed Group
  • Art Club
  • Multimedia Club

  • Choir
  • Brass Band
  • International Dance
  • Sports and Wellness Club
  • Badminton
  • Track & Field

  • Brownies

CCA Day & Timing Teachers In Charge
Art Club Fri 2:10-4pm
Mdm Elnie Dridi (Overall I/C)
Mrs Esther Geh, Ms Chloe Tan (Artitude), Mdm Vibha

Brownies  Fri 2:10-4pm
Ms Adeline Chng 
(Overall I/C)
Ms Serene Lee, Ms Rahmah, Ms Jocelyn

Choir  Tue 2:10-4pm
 Fri 2:10-4pm

Miss Deline Lu 
(Overall I/C)
Ms Kwok Wai Mui, Ms Norhidayati,
Mrs Alice Goh, Mdm Norisha

Brass Band Tue 2:10-4pm
 Fri 2:10-4pm

Mdm Loh Mei Yin 
(Overall I/C)
Mrs Jasmine Tan, Mdm Latchmi, Mdm Teoh Kiah Huan

International Dance  Tue 2:10-4pm
 Fri 2:10-4pm

Mrs Eunice Phee 
(Overall I/C)
Mdm Cindy Ng, Mdm Sussie Ng, 
Ms Wynne Leong, Mdm Melissa Lim,    

Multimedia Club Fri 2:10-4pm
Ms Joslyn Chew  (Overall I/C)
Mrs Jennifer Kwek, Mdm Mardhiah, Mrs Catherine Chan,
Ms Dian Hazwani (Multimedia Educator)   

Sports & Wellness Club Fri 2:10-4pm
Recreational: Mdm Serene Chee (Overall I/C)
Badminton : Mdm Choo Watt Kian (Overall I/C)
Track & Field: Mdm Jessamine Tan (Overall I/C)

Ms Grace Lee, Ms Lind Chan, Mdm Hazel Lian, Ms Isadora Soh,
Ms Prashaanah, Mdm Rosnah