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School Events

Deepavali Celebrations 2017

17th October 2017

Besides the legend of Narakasura, there are many others reasons for celebrating Deepavali. All of them point to one common theme – the victory of Good over evil.

During morning assembly, pupils enjoyed a half-hour concert. Our Primary 1s and 2s, together with the CS pupils ushered the festive mood into the hall, donning colourful clothes as they did a beautiful catwalk, much to the delight of all who were watching them. Our P3 to P6 students and teachers performed various dances such as the Bharatanatyam and Bhangra which reflect the joy of Deepavali. The morning's celebrations concluded with an insightful slideshow presentation on Deepavali by our student emcee.

Pupils and staff had a lovely time watching these performances and learning more about the festival. It was a sight to behold with beautiful festive decorations adorning parts of our school.



Brownies Learning Journey

IMG-20170925-WA0007.jpg28th July 2017

The Brownie girls went on a learning journey today to fulfil some of the criteria needed to obtain their Environmentalist and Observer Badge.

They observed many different kinds of flowers and learned more about flower to fruit development. They even saw a huge monitor lizard! 

Although it was a hot and sunny afternoon, our girls persevered to the end of the journey! Kudos to the Brownies!

Art Club Learning Journey

IMG-20170925-WA0002.jpg14th July 2017

Our P2 to P5 art club members went on an inspirational learning journey to the SYF art exhibition 2017. They took in all the exhibits, marvelling at the creativity of the artists behind each masterpiece.

Minister Ng Chee Meng's Visit to Canossa Convent Primary School

13th July 2017
Canossa Convent Primary School warmly welcomed Minister for Education (Schools) & Second Minister for Transport, Mr Ng Chee Meng, Member of Parliament and Mayor of Central Singapore, District, Ms Denise Phua, and Member of Parliament, Mr Ang Wei Neng to our school on 13 July 2017. 

The guests first visited our Canossa Heritage Gallery where they were introduced to our rich history and mission to serve, as inspired by our Foundress St. Magdalene. They then visited a Primary Two class, where Mr Ng enjoyed an interactive learning experience with our girls.

The staff from Canossa Convent Primary and Canossian School were honoured to have the opportunity to dialogue with Mr Ng, who was particularly keen to find out more about the Satellite Partnership between the two schools.

Some of our girls had the opportunity to personally interact with Mr Ng. They were delighted and honoured to have this chance, evident in their enthusiastic delivery of questions. Mr Ng was candid in his responses, inspiring them to continue to enjoy learning and living out the values taught in school.

P4 Learning Journey

13th July 2017IMG-20170925-WA0006.jpg

Pupils experienced an exciting vision for Singapore through a series of images projected on a panoramic wall
 30-metres long. Titled the 'Wall of Wonders', this atmospheric media piece consisted of present and future scenes of a vibrant Singapore.

Pupils also learnt about the making of a citizen soldier and had the chance to appreciate the various Operations that the Army has undertaken, at the Army Museum of Singapore.

CCPS Open House 2017

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who came to visit us at our Open House.
It was a big success!

We also would like to say a big thank you to our partners -- Canossaville Children and Community Services (student care and pre-school), St Anthony's Canossian Secondary School (our affiliated secondary school), Canossian School (for the hearing impaired) and all the Sisters from Canossa Convent who supported us at our Open House today! 


CCPS Environment Outreach to St Magdalene Kindergarten

19th May 2017
CCPS P3 to P5 green ambassadors went to St Magdalene's Kindergarten during environment outreach week.
The green ambassadors put up a Reader's Theater performance on the story "The Earth Day Hen & Friends" to spread the message on the importance of resource conservation (3Rs) to our community. We also invited the little ones to our school where our green ambassadors shared the importance of water conservation. All had fun as they interacted with one another.


Make a Difference Programme

15th - 24th May 2017
Our Learning for Life Programme, 'Service Innovation through Design Thinking', aims to evoke in our students the desire to serve as compassionate leaders. 

Using a spiral approach, Design Thinking is explicitly taught in a progressive manner across all levels and through age-appropriate, authentic platforms such as the Values-in-Action projects. Students learn that they have the power to make a significant difference in the lives of others which transcends just merely feeling sympathy for them.

From 15 to 24 May 2017, a group of 19 Primary 5 and 6 students embarked on our M.A.D. (Make A Difference) Programme, an extension of our broad-based programme for 'Service Innovation through Design Thinking'. These students were given the opportunity to collaborate with school identified partner in the community to design and implement solutions to authentic problems. 

They went on a learning journey to a local restaurant to find out issues they were facing. From the interview they conducted, problems on food wastage, which is a global concern, was surfaced. In the subsequent days of the programme, the students researched on food wastage and brainstormed on ideas to solve the identified problems. 

Through the Design Thinking process, the students reused food scraps to create prototypes such as useful household products - a table lamp, a card holder, coasters and a utensils holder.


CCPS Celebrated Environment Week

17th - 19th May 2017

Pupils were treated to an entertaining and educational skit on the importance of trees as part of a series of assembly programmes to raise environmental awareness. 

They also had fun taking part in craft activities with recyclables during recess. Pupils created plastic flowers out of used plastic bags. On leaf-shaped pledges, they also pledged to do their part to save the Earth. 

Enthusiastic in their contributions towards the school's recycling efforts, pupils brought plastic containers and bottles to deposit into the school's recycling bins. These efforts also counted in the recycling competition open to all classes.


Library Activities - Month of May

This exciting month of May, the CCPS Library features books that have been made into movies! 

Pupils have been borrowing and reading books such as Dr Seuss' 'The Car in the Hat', Roald Dahl's 'The BFG', 'The Witches' and 'Fantastic Mr Fox', classics like 'The Jungle Book', 'Alice in Wonderland', Oliver Twist', Around the World in 80 Days', 'Sherlock Holmes', and popular fiction like 'Spiderwick Chronicles', 'Bridge to Terabithia' and 'Smurfs'.

Pupils were also spotted doing the library activity worksheets on 'The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend'. These pupils walked away with some prizes for their attempts at reading the book and completing the activity. 

The library also conducted several storytelling sessions in Term 2 on Tuesdays during the 9.40am recess and on Wednesdays during the 9.10am recess. More such engaging programmes are in the pipeline for Semester 2.

The library is indeed a place where time is well-spent unwinding with a good book, as some of our pupils do while waiting for their afternoon activities or while waiting for their parents to pick them up from school.


Learning Journey - P1 Social Studies Trail - Exploring our Neighbourhood

26th April 2017

We took our P1 pupils out for a learning journey around our neighbourhood.

Pupils deepened their appreciation of our school's rich history and foundress, St Magdalene with a gallery walk around our heritage room, accompanied by our teacher docent who delivered an insightful running commentary.

With the aim to broaden the pupils' understanding that CCPS is part of a neighbourhood, the second part of our trail saw pupils visiting various parts of our neighbourhood. They walked past landed property and HDB flats, bus stops, and the MRT station along Merpati Road. They also visited the minimart, bakery, Fair Price supermarket and the bustling Circuit Road wet market. 

From their walk, our P1s learned about the livelihood of the shop owners and market stall hawkers. They also realised how well-planned and self-sufficient the neighbourhood is, and how life is made convenient for its residents and the people who study and work there, as a result.


Learning Journey to University Cultural Centre - Brass Band CCA

25th April 2017

The CCPS brass band went on an inspiring learning journey to the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation 2017 at the University Cultural Centre. 

They watched several Secondary School ensembles perform their two choice pieces. 

Impressed by the confidence, passion and synergy exuded by each ensemble, our brass band members are motivated to doing their very best in the SYF Arts Presentation next year.


Learning Journey to ArtScience Museum

25th April 2017

P5 and P6 pupils from Multimedia Club and the pupils from Artitude went on a combined learning journey to the ArtScience Museum. The girls attended a workshop titled Fun with Photograms and explored the Future World Exhibition. 

It was an unforgettable experience for these young ones as they explored the possibility of combining art and science technology to produce amazing works.


Learning Journey to Science Centre Singapore

24th April 2017

A group of our P5 students thoroughly enjoyed themselves on their science learning journey to the Science Centre Singapore on 24 April. 

They were encouraged to conduct scientific inquiry and discovery beyond the classroom. 

Given the opportunity to attend an engaging workshop entitled 'Diversity of Cells' conducted by the DNA Learning Laboratory, they took joy in learning more about plant, animal, bacteria, fungi (yeast) and protist cells.


P3 Social Studies Trail

13th & 20th April 2017

Our P3 pupils had a fun and enriching experience as they went through different activities planned for their Social Studies Trail, which was conducted on 13 and 20 April. 

The learning experience started off with an introduction to the living conditions in Singapore in the 1900s. The pupils then proceeded to various learning stations where they discovered more about the development of public housing in Singapore throughout the years.

The trail finally ended with a sharing session, in which pupils were given the opportunity to express their appreciation for the hard work that our forefathers put in to develop Singapore into the peaceful, thriving nation that we live in today.18077063_213980575768085_6653324485798467507_o.jpg

A Distinctive School Experience at CCPS

18th April 2017

We hosted 2 kindergartens in our neighbourhood - PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ MacPherson and
MacPherson Sheng Hong Childcare Centre.

The tour of our school campus was an eye-opener to these precious kindergarten children, who also enjoyed a fun lesson and experienced buying food at our canteen. 

To make the day even more meaningful and memorable, our P1 and P2 pupils played buddies to our guests. Thrilled to have this opportunity, they enthusiastically guided their newfound kindergarten friends through the process of buying food from the canteen. 

Tucking into the delicious food, they bonded through play and conversation.18056607_212141129285363_158026205546531382_o.jpg

Commemorating Earth Day

22nd April 2017

Over a period of three days (19-21 April), our pupils, in a commendable show of commitment to saving the Earth, actively pledged to do their part to conserve energy. 

In a whole-school effort to save the earth, fans were switched off in their classrooms for 15 minutes. 

Other fun activities for the various levels to raise awareness on environmental protection, included writing an acoustic poem, doing a crossword puzzle and colouring.17991517_211460356020107_1900114420652980103_o.jpg

Easter Celebration

20th April 2017
Our "little lights" of Canossa Convent and Canossian School sang and danced joyfully at today's Easter celebration .17991429_211511086015034_1436151361805447279_o.jpg

P2 CCA Exposure Day

18th April 2017

Our P2 pupils were happily engaged in specially planned activities at our P2 CCA Exposure Day. They emerged with a better understanding of these CCAs.


Learning Journey to ArtScience Museum - Multimedia Club

11th April 2017

The P3 and P4 members of CCPS Multimedia Club had an awesome treat today, learning about cyanotype, which is a photographic printing process using ammonium iron citrate and potassium ferricyanide, to paint their own universe. 

They also had great fun entering the futuristic world of high-tech interactive artwork at Future World. They were awed when they saw their vibrantly coloured buses, spaceships, rocket ships and buildings entering into a bustling and lively cityscape on the wall. 

The pupils were also fascinated when their 3D digital drawings were turned into physical paper craft patterns that they could assemble into unique 3D models.





Learning Journey to Sungei Buloh

10th April 2017
 Our P6s had a great time outdoors at Sungei Buloh on 10 April 2017, observing the many species of birds and animals in this beautiful nature reserve.


International Friendship Day

6th April 2017
The theme for 2017 International Friendship Day (IFD) is Asean 50. As a small nation, Singapore needs to maintain good relations with the other countries around her. This day is dedicated to the understanding of Singapore's relations with her neighbours, and aims to nurture in all of us the spirit of friendship and collaboration among different people.IMG_4086.JPG

Pupils in Canossa Convent Primary School commemorated 2017 International Friendship Day by wearing ethnic costumes to school and attending an assembly programme. During the assembly programme, student emcees shared information on the various ASEAN countries. There was also a fashion parade by pupils from different countries where pupils paraded in their ethnic costumes on stage and shared facts about the country they were from. The interactive quizzes on facts and information on the various ASEAN countries provided a platform for pupils to appreciate cultural diversity and learn about the countries around Singapore.


Awareness Talk for P1 

30th March 2017
 Through the talk, pupils learnt that everyone has his/her own strengths and areas of weakness. One must persevere to overcome one's areas of weakness. Pupils also learnt that being compassionate (one of our school values) includes putting themselves in the shoes of others, seeking to understand and hence appreciating them.  

IMG_1558.JPGIMG_1578 copy.jpg


Total Defence Day

15th Feb 2017
This year, the theme for Total Defence Day (TDD) is Together We Keep Singapore Strong. Singapore has remained safe and peaceful over the past 51 years because of the efforts of all Singaporeans. This is essentially Total Defence.

IMG_3631.JPGCanossa Convent Primary School commemorated Total Defence Day by going through the five aspects of Total Defence, which represent the key pillars of society. Classroom activities on Total Defence were also carried out during the Character and Citizenship Education lessons.

During the assembly, our multimedia club pupils produced a video on “How can we play a part in the Total defence of Singapore?” Pupils acted out different scenarios which
how they can play a part in the 5 aspects of Total Defence in small ways in their daily life.

Teachers and IMG_3646.JPGpupils also did a fun Total Defence Rap which is unique to the school. The rap served as a summary and reiteration of the 5 aspects of Total Defence and how everyone can play a part in Total Defence.


P5 Camp

5 - 6th January 2017 
Untitled 1.pngAs part of our school’s curriculum to develop your child holistically, all Primary 5 pupils participated in an adventure camp on the 5th and 6th of January 2017.   The two days one night camp was packed with fun activities which were enjoyable and challenging. Highlights include Amazing Race at Sentosa, team building games, Talent Night and Outdoor Cooking.   The pupils learnt to work well together to solve puzzles at the Amazing Race and to cook a meal for lunch. Such moments were much treasured!   

Pupils had the opportunity to express their creativity, using pop songs and dance, as they worked together quickly within a short time to come up with songs or cheers for the Talent Night segment. What a showcase of talent!

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