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Expected Behaviour and Conduct of a CCPS pupil

A CCPS pupil will show commitment, compassion and cheerfulness.



  • Hand in work on time.
  • Report to school punctually.
  • Attend school regularly. Valid reasons must be given for absence from school. Truancy is a serious offence.
  • Do not bring toys to school (e.g soft toys) or electronic devices (e.g. handheld electronic games, MP3 players and FM radio receivers), other than those approved by the school (e.g. calculators and electronic dictionaries). Such items will be confiscated when found and will be returned to parents only.
  • Switch off their handphones once they are in school so that they could focus on learning while in class and would not be distracted by phone calls or SMSes. (Pupils are allowed to bring their handphones to school so that they could be contacted by their parents after school.) Any unauthorised use of handphone in school will lead to confiscation of the handphone. Confiscated phones will only be returned to parents. Pupils are discouraged from bringing an expensive handphone to school. The school does not take responsibility for the loss of handphones.
  • Walk quietly and in an orderly manner as they move around in school.
  • Work well as a team to produce quality work that is their level best. Play your part to the best of your ability.


  • Tell the truth. Own up to one’s mistakes and learn from it
  • Stealing, cheating in an examination or assessment and altering school documents (e.g. forgery) are considered serious offences.
  • Respect intellectual property. Do not to plagiarise information found on the Internet.

  • Take initiative. Volunteer to help before being asked.
  • Give suggestions to make improvement. Take ownership and effect a positive change



Care of Self

  • Pupils are to be neat and tidy.

School Uniform
Pupils must wear the prescribed school uniform when they are in school and when they represent the school in external activities unless prescribed by the teacher-in-charge. The school uniform consists of a white blouse, pinafore, white shoes, school socks and name tag. Modification to the uniform is not allowed.

P.E. Attire
Pupils must wear the prescribed attire for P.E. lessons, i.e. school T-shirt and blue shorts. Pupils must put on their pinafores after P.E. lessons. Pupils are allowed to be in their P.E. T-shirts and pinafores the whole day only on the days that they have P.E. lessons.

Shoes and socks
Only white canvas shoes with plain white socks (without any logo) or socks with CCPS logo are allowed. The shoes must be kept clean for good hygiene. Only ankle-length socks are allowed (i.e. the socks must cover the ankles).

For short hair: The back of the hair should not touch the collar.
For medium-length hair (i.e. collar-length): It must be neatly tied up.
For long hair (i.e. shoulder length or longer): It must be tied up, neatly braided or tied into a bun. No strands of hair should be hanging down the side or front of the face. One’s fringe must be above the eyebrows. Long fringe must be pin up neatly. Dyed hair is not allowed.

Only simple black hair accessories (i.e. hair clip, hair bands) can be used. Only simple ear-studs can be worn. Other accessories such as rings, necklaces, lockets, bracelets, friendship bands must not be worn to school.

Spectacle frames should look simple and plain, not fanciful.

Fingernails are to be kept short and clean. Painting of nails using nail polish or henna are not allowed.

Care for Others

  • Show care and concern through words or actions. Show empathy to others. 
  • Be inclusive and accept friends as who she is.
  • Queue in an orderly manner to buy food or stationery. No shouting, pushing and cutting of queue is allowed.

Care for School Property and Environment

  • Keep the school clean. Consume any food or beverages in the canteen. Play only at designated areas.
  • Take good care of school property so that everyone can continue to enjoy the facilities. Vandalism is a serious offence.


Respect for Self

  • Behave yourself at all times.

Respect for Others

  • Be courteous and respectful to others. Open defiance, rudeness and showing disrespect, using foul language and bullying (including cyberbullying and extorting money) are considered serious offences.
  • Seek teacher’s permission before leaving or entering any rooms. Pupils are not allowed to remain in the classroom during recess time without any teacher’s supervision.

Respect for country- Singing of National Anthem and Pledge

  • Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. The Pledge must be taken with the right fist placed over the heart.
  • Non-Singaporeans must stand at attention while the National Anthem is being sung and the Pledge is being taken.



    • Persevere and never give up
    • Encourage one another.
    • Set realistic yet challenging targets and work towards them.
    • Learn from mistakes and avoid repeating them.
    • Ask questions to improve oneself and when in doubt.
    • Be open to changes and adapt to them when there is a need to.

    • See possibilities in the face of challenges/obstacles.
    • See the best in people.
    • Be thankful in every situation.
    • Enjoy every learning experience.

    • Be forgiving. Do not bear grudges.
    • Accept differences and get along with friends of other races, cultures and nationality.
    • Be inclusive and accept her friend as who she is.