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School Information

About Us

Canossa Convent Primary School (CCPS), a Catholic mission school, was officially opened on 15 August 1941 . It is situated in Sallim Road , amidst the old Aljunied Estate.

A MOE mainstream school, CCPS is also one of the 5 sectors of the Canossian Eduplex with the other 4 sectors being Canossa Convent Canossian School for the Hearing Impaired, Magdalene’s Kindergarten and Canossaville Children’s Home.

Our Beliefs

  • Development of the whole person
  • Be persons for others especially the needy

Our Strategy

We achieve our mission by adopting a comprehensive and balanced curriculum that is:
  • Integrated
  • Broad-based
  • Differentiated
  • Progressive
  • Value-focused