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School Motto

On a blue background

There shines a four-pointed star with rays cast onto a book.

It is the star of wisdom radiating on knowledge.

The four-pointed star represents the four basic social virtues: Truth, Justice, Love, Freedom

Truth: sincerity in words & deeds, simplicity, straightforwardness.

Justice: honesty, fairness, respect for the right of others.

Love: we are children of the same Father in heaven; hence, readiness to help and share with others.

Freedom: Mutual tolerance & consideration for the principles of others.

Pupils are to walk confidently and joyfully on the path of life, 
overcoming all difficulties with fortitude and prayer.   
Pupils are to be sincere in words, deeds and actions 
and open to truth and knowledge.  

Pupils are to live for others, ready to share, serve and sacrifice.    


Our school motto draws its inspiration from Jesus Christ who is "The Way, The Truth and The Life".
We take Him as our model and seek to follow His footsteps.