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Vision and Mission

School Vision

A Community of Compassionate Leaders and Passionate Learners, in the service of God, Country & Family.

The Canossian pupil and teacher are developed to her full potential, being committed to excellence, compassionate and cheerful. Specifically, the school is focused on nurturing pupils who are gracious, confident, resilient and competent in facing life’s challenges. She is focused on others and on using her God-given talents to contribute to society.

School Mission

To nurture & empower Canossians through the formation of the heart to be persons of integrity, committed to serving God & others.

This means that as Canossian Educators, we provide a holistic education that focuses on the intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, aesthetic and social aspects of growth. Through our curriculum, we will promote the development of the whole person, nurturing & empowering our girls to be women of good character, to take responsibility for themselves and to use their abilities to serve God and others, especially the needy.