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“The benefits of inclusion of students with hearing loss in a mainstream setting are manifold. Among the more important ones are that they learn to communicate more effectively with their hearing peers by being immersed in a natural, language-rich environment. This leads to them feeling less physically and socially isolated whenever they find themselves in situations outside of the classroom. Beyond the advantage of better communication, students with special needs have access to academic and non-academic opportunities such as Learning Journeys, camps and a wide range of assembly programmes. These serve to enrich the schooling experience of our students.” 

- Ms Christina Michael, CS Principal, 2017

Parents of a CS student

“Regina has benefited academically. She has also had the opportunity to build her character through learning in a conducive and compassionate environment. Over at CS, she learns to be compassionate towards her classmates. Over at CCPS, she learns how to be independent and has the opportunity to study in a mainstream school. Over time, she has gained confidence. She is allowed to learn and grow at her own pace and has flourished in a safe and compassionate environment.” 

- Parent of Regina, CS P5, 2017

Ex-CS student

“Throughout my six years in CS, I have benefited from the Inclusion Programme. Since young, I feared that my disability would impact my life such that I would not be able to lead a normal lifestyle. However, interacting with the mainstream students has helped boost my morale and improve my communication skills. Thus, I have been able to approach others more easily and I have become more outspoken in SACSS. This has made me realize that I should not let my fear hold me back from what I aim to achieve.” 

- Shermaine, CS, Graduated in 2012

CS Staff

“With this satellite partnership for inclusion, general education teachers and special education teachers work together to meet the needs of all students. All students can benefit from the additional resources and supportive techniques used in an inclusion classroom. In CS, the inclusion programme enables each student with hearing impairment to study alongside with his/her hearing peers and thus provides an opportunity for each of them to develop his/her listening and oral communication skills. Most students from CS spend their school hours in both the mainstream classroom and support classroom. In this way, they are exposed to the mainstream environment but also get the attention they need for their specific challenges daily. Overall, the inclusion education has helped most of the students with hearing impairment attain their academic achievements and develop appropriate oral communications and social skills.” 

- Mrs Veronica Chan, CS Teacher, 2017 

CCPS Staff

“I have been working with many pupils and a few teachers from the Canossian School since the first day I joined Canossa Convent Primary School. It has been a generally pleasant journey teaching the CS pupils. They bring a different atmosphere into the classroom and the pupils from CCPS really learn to embrace and work with pupils who have special needs. By immersing both groups of pupils in this inclusion programme from a young age, we are creating a new 'norm' for these pupils who learn to work and support one another. The CCPS pupils know that the CS pupils are different but they have been learning and working together with them every day, making it 'normal' for our CCPS pupils to work with people with special needs now and in the future. This is what our society needs - to be an inclusive Singapore. They will form the new generation of Singaporeans who are receptive to inclusion in our society.” 

- Miss Joslyn, CCPS Teacher, 2017