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4 Sept 2013
Teachers' Day Celebrations

4 September was a memorable day for the teachers as the Teachers' Day Celebrations were held in conjunction with the CCPS Music Day Concert. The various classes went onstage to perform for their teachers. There was a wide variety of performances, from singing to dancing to guitar playing. Pupils also showcased their talents on the hand bells, resonator bells and percussion instruments. Prior to the celebrations, the teachers had witnessed the pupils and their music teachers hard at work during rehearsals, all for the sake of putting up a wonderful show. 

The teachers were touched by the effort put in and the day ended with Miss Grace Tan, the principal, leading the teachers in giving the pupils three cheers. Thank you very much, girls! All the teachers felt very special and loved!

Click to view: Teachers' Day Collage

15 Nov 2013 
Thanksgiving Day

On 15 November 2013, the pupils and staff celebrated success and gave thanks at Thanksgiving Day. The theme was, “Carita – A life Built on Love”. 

The school celebrated success by awarding pupils who have done well in their classes for the different subjects. Pupils who exhibited the values of Commitment, Compassion and Cheerfulness were also awarded with the GEMS, Magdalene and Bakhita awards. The school also took this opportunity to thank their partners – our Canossian sisters and parent volunteers, for their support to the school. 

The Indian and Contemporary Dance groups wowed the audiences with their grace and poise throughout their dance performance and pupils had lots of reflect on as the event incorporated a liturgy which was in a form of a skit. 

We gave thanks for our blessings, to our partners and for the talents and success we have achieved. It was truly a day of thanksgiving!

Click to view: Thanksgiving Day Collage

22 Nov 2013
Starlight Camp 

“This is the BEST Starlight camp ever!...” Zhafirah (4 Humility) 

On 22 November 2013, 65 P1-P4 pupils and 41 parents participated in our Starlight Camp. The pupils had a fun-filled morning at East Coast Park playing teambuilding games. Through those games, pupils acquired lifeskills and built friendship with their schoolmates of different races and nationalities.

“All the games were very exciting!” Siti Salsabiil (3 Humility)

“I learnt to be cheerful all the time and how not to be angry when I lose in a game.” Janelle Lim (2 Humility)

“I learnt how to work with different people and how to encourage others.” Zheng Xinru (4 Humility)

“I made many friends. I enjoyed playing the games together. I cheered for my friends.” Eunice Tan (1 Humility)

“I learnt to help my friends and not to blame them.” Xuan Qi (2 Charity)

In the afternoon, 41 parents joined the pupils in the parent-child bonding activities to learn the importance of family bonding and how to relate to family members. Laughter filled the school hall. Parents let their hair down, dancing, playing with their children and working together with them in a relay race. They encouraged each other. Some parents gave their children a hug and some a “Hi-five”. What a beautiful sight to behold! 

After the bonding activities, the parents attended the workshop “My Children, Mirror and Me” which aimed to empower them to communicate better within the family unit and build a better relationship with their family members, while the pupils prepared an appreciation gift for their parents. 

The camp ended with the pupils presenting their gifts to their parents, appreciating them for who they are and all that they have done.

“Lovely afternoon spent with the girls! Enjoyed the bonding games. Personality workshop provides a good run through on the various personalities of our children/ourselves and therefor this knowledge would help us to better our relationship with our family. Thank you CCPS for initiating this. Very much appreciated ” (Written in the feedback form by one of the parents)