Compassionate Leaders

The Canossian education emulates the work and spirit of our foundress St Magdalene of Canossa with an emphasis on the formation of the heart. It aims to anchor our students in values, especially to imbue in them the spirit of serving others. It is inclusive, embracing persons of all faiths and races and those with special needs.

Recognising the need to have leaders who are anchored in sound values and who are proactive in serving and making a difference in our fast-changing world, CCPS is committed in developing compassionate leaders as an integral part of the Canossian education. Anchored on Robert K. Greenleaf’s philosophy on “Servant Leadership” and Jim Kouzes’ and Barry Posner’s “The Student Leadership Challenge”, we believe that every CCPS student can be a leader, leading self, serving others and reaching out to the community. Every child who joins CCPS is nurtured and developed to become leaders of character.

As leaders of character, CCPS girls

  • Live the Canossian identity which encapsulates the school values of Commitment, Compassion and Cheerfulness 
  • Communicate confidently and effectively, and 
  • Serve with a heart, using their God-given talents to make a difference
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These outcomes, aligned to MOE outcomes of education and 21st Century Competencies, are achieved through our Student Leadership Programme (SLP) and our supportive and inclusive learning environment. 

Student Leadership Programme

The school-based 3-tiered leadership development programme aims to develop every student to be a servant leader of character – a leader of self and others. Anchored on Robert K. Greenleaf’s philosophy on Servant Leadership, it focuses on 3 areas: Character Orientation, People Orientation and Task & Process Orientation.
Tier 1 SLP equips all students with leadership knowledge and skills. These are taught progressively through age-appropriate activities over six years.
Tier 2 and 3 SLP target selected student leaders such as prefects, CCA leaders, and docents who demonstrate a high level of competence to serve others. These selected student leaders are equipped with additional skills and competencies so that they can carry out their responsibilities more effectively. 

A Supportive and Inclusive Learning Environment

From Primary One, CCPS students learn together with students from the Canossian School (school for the hearing loss). Such an inclusive learning environment provides a natural and safe setting for students to develop understanding and compassion for people around them. 

1-to-1 Teacher-Pupil Interaction Time is implemented to build effective teacher-student-relationship. In CCPS, every student will have at least 2 form teachers who will mentor students in their character development. Through regular interaction, CCPS teachers seek to better understand the students under their care, identify their needs and nurture them in their growth and development. 

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