Learning at the P3 and P4 block continues to build on the formation of the heart, with a deepening focus on developing empathy in our students and learning to serve others in school through peer collaboration. The following programmes develop our students in these areas:

Inculcating Values

CCPS Clean and Green Movement - My Clean & Green Environment (School)

Students learn how they can play their part to care for the environment. For example, they learn to play an active role in sharing with their peers about the importance of water conservation, water saving habits and how they can manage their family’s monthly water consumption by encouraging their family members to improve their water consumption habits. By sharing, students internalise their learning on the importance of resource conservation and at the same time become effective and confident speakers in public.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs

CCAs are an integral part of our students’ holistic education. Through CCAs, students discover their interests and talents while developing values and social emotional competencies that will prepare them for a rapidly changing world. CCAs also promote friendships among students from diverse backgrounds as they learn, play and grow together. CCAs are offered to students in the second semester in Primary 2, and from Primary 3 to Primary 6, students participate in a CCA. Participation in CCA fosters social integration and deepens a student’s sense of belonging, commitment and responsibility to school, community and nation. 

Developing Effective Communication

Effective Communication Programme

At P3 and P4, every student practises and hones their speaking and communication skills through story-telling activities, which leverage on the English curriculum. Selected students at these two levels are also identified to participate in the “ Let’s Speak Well ” effective communication programme to improve their communication skills and develop greater confidence to speak in front of a larger audience.

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Opportunities are created for students to exercise social responsibility in authentic contexts with students making meaningful contributions to the community (school). Students continue to take on classroom leadership roles and carry out daily cleaning of their classrooms (before recess and dismissal) and the canteen (after recess).

Service Innovation 

Enhancing the School Experience of P1 Students – Buddy Up! 

This project began as an initiative to enhance peer support beyond the level. Our P3 students demonstrated empathy towards the P1 students by putting themselves in their shoes. They welcomed the P1s to CCPS by spending time with them during recess and imparting practical skills. Riding on the peer support and relationship established with their buddies, the P3 students worked together to apply some aspects of the Design Thinking process for their Service Innovation project to identify the needs of their P1 buddies and implement their class ideas to further enhance the school experience of these students. 

P3 Service Innovation - Teaching the P1 Buddy.jpg P3 Service Innovation Project_1.jpg
Enhancing the School Environment Project

At P4, students collaborate with their peers within their class and apply the Design Thinking process which they learn in their art lessons to enhance the school environment. A variety of project ideas have been explored, prototyped and implemented over the years, from the design of a chill-out corner for students during recess, to ideas such as the improvement of the cleanliness in the canteen, the beautifying of different parts of the school (including the toilets) and the creation of games to play during recess, which meaningfully engage the students during recess.

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 Junior Leaders from Prefectorial Board and CCAs

At P4, selected students are given opportunities to serve as Junior Leaders on the Prefectorial Board and in CCAs. These students improve their communication skills when instructing and leading and develop greater confidence to speak to a larger audience. They also learn to encourage and help others grow.

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