A rich diverse arts program that seeks to enhance pupils’ experiences in the arts and develop character.


Through the E-cube Framework – Exposure, Experience and Excursion – the department seeks to:
  • Provide both breadth & depth in pupils’ experience of the arts. 
  • Inculcate graciousness, resilience & confidence in pupils.

Exposure (assembly programs)

To provide a diverse arts programme to develop pupils’ appreciation of the various art forms (art, dance, music, visual arts).

Experience (art & music curriculum and performing arts CCAs)

To give our pupils opportunities to develop their talents through modular approaches in the art & music curriculum as well

Excursion (Learning Journeys)

Each level goes on a learning journey to a different venue to expose the pupils to a variety of art forms as well as introduce iconic arts venues to them.

Key Programmes

Modular Art & Music Curriculum

By having a modular art & music curriculum, we give pupils the time to develop their skills & level of proficiency. In the process, they also develop resilience and confidence.
The following are some highlights of our arts curriculum:

Aesthetics 1.JPG

Aesthetics Learning Journeys

Primary 1: Asian Civilisation Museum
Primary 2: Singapore Art Museum
Primary 3: Esplanade (Feed Your Imagination Programme)
Primary 4: Sculpture Walk
Primary 5: Dragon Kiln
Primary 6: Peranakan Museum

Aesthetics Events

Music Day (Teacher's Day)
On Music Day, all classes from Primary 1 – 5 will go on stage to perform as a way of showing their love and appreciation for their teachers.

CCPS Superstar (Children’ Day)
Auditions are held prior to the event and the finalists will get a chance to showcase their talents on Children’ Day. Past performers have included singers, a flamenco dancer, a violinist, a pianist and our very own K-pop dance groups.

Arts Camp
An arts camp is held once a year for all performing arts members. Highlights of the camp include bonding activities, performances by the different performing arts groups and of course, the makan session!

Talent Development Programs
Pupils who show an aptitude and passion for visual arts will be selected to join Artitude, a program whereby pupils will further hone their artistic talents in different visual art forms and mediums. Pupils will also have the opportunities to participate in art competitions and exhibitions.

Pupils who have piano background will undergo training to play hymns for morning assembly as well as learn to play the ukulele. They will also stretch their music abilities by writing songs and going for music competitions.

Music Talent Development Program (Band and Choir)
This is an initiative by the co-curricular branch of MOE. Talented band and choir members will be selected and sent to audition for MTDC. Successful candidates will be admitted into the national primary school band and national primary school choir. This is a one-year program that is open to Primary 4 & 5 band and choir members. The program culminates in a graduation concert. Previous venues have included the Esplanade and the Singapore Conference Hall.

Aesthetics CCAs

The school has five aesthetics CCAs, including Art Club and four performing arts CCAs: Band, Choir, Contemporary Dance and Indian Dance. The CCAs regularly participate in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival (SYF). They also have opportunities to take part in exhibitions, perform in school and in public as well as attend external concerts and visit art exhibitions. 

Aesthetics Assembly Programs

Assemblies serve as another platform for the department to expose the school to a variety of art forms & cultures. The following are a glimpse of a few exciting assembly programs that all pupils will get to attend:
  1. My Friend, A Japanese Soldier
  2. Drums of Singapore and Beyond
  3. Racial Harmony Through Music
  4. Introduction to Hip Hop
  5. Funny Faces - Caricature drawing show