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The school has a strong belief in nurturing and growing the faith of the pupils. As such, the Catholic pupils are given Values Education-Catechism lessons weekly. Values Education – Catechism lessons at Canossa Catholic Primary School are taught by Catholic teachers. Partnering the Catholic Teachers in the classes are the Canossian Sisters and lay partners.

The lessons are structured in 2 themes:
Theme: P1-P3: Make Jesus Known and Loved
              P4-P6:  Ours Is A Life Built On Love

P1: Knowing Jesus
P2: Loving Jesus
P3: His Love

P4: Jesus Crucified
P5: Jesus Risen
P6: Living in His Love

Canossian Spirituality

Centred on the philosophy of our Mother Foundress, St. Magdalene of Canossa; that each child is precious, unique and deserves to be respected, the school takes care of the spiritual growth of each child as a person through various celebrations and commemorations of events: 
  • Opening of School Year Mass 
  • Stations of the Cross 
  • Lent Project: Gift of Love
  • Lenten Retreat for Catholic Girls 
  • Confession for Catholic Girls
  • Easter Para-Liturgy 
  • Rosary Recitation in May and October
  • May Devotion cum Mother’s Day Celebration
  • Teachers’ Day Paraliturgy
  • Children's Day Paraliturgy
  • Thanksgiving Mass
  • Masses on Days of Obligations: Ash Wednesday, Ascension Day, Feast of the Assumption, All Saints’ Day

Canossian Spirituality.JPG
  May Devotion 2018
The faith formation of the Catholic pupils is taken care by the Chaplaincy Team. works alongside the teaching and pastoral systems in the school to ensure that the strong are encouraged, the weak are supported and the indifferent are challenged, so that all may have ‘life to the full’ (John 10:10)

Canossian Saints Day Mass.JPG
Opening of schoolyear mass.jpg
Canossian Saints’ Day Mass
Opening of School Year Mass

Gift of Love 1.JPG Gift of Love 2.JPG
Gift of love 3.JPG

Gift of love 4.JPG
Lent Project: Gift of Love Boxes

The members in the Chaplaincy Team of CCPS are:
  • Sr Theresa Seow (Lead Chaplain)
  • Sr Marie de Roza (School Chaplain)
  • Mrs Agnes Lim (ST Learning Needs, Head Teacher Chaplain)
  • Mrs Ethel Koh (HOD Student Development)
  • Mrs Audrey Tan (SSD)
  • Mrs Priscilla Ho (YH)
  • Mrs Esther Geh (ST Science)
  • Ms Jocelyn Yeo