Passionate Learner: Self-directed and Resilient

Service is the hallmark of the Canossian Education. In CCPS, we are committed to developing our students holistically to be Passionate Learners who are self-directed and resilient. Lifelong learning and re-learning is self-directed as our students pursue their goals in life. They will develop their gifts and talents so they can serve others and actively contribute to society.

As passionate learners, CCPS students will: 
  • be critical thinkers 
  • have the intrinsic motivation to learn 
  • lead a healthy lifestyle 
  • discover their talents in aesthetics and excel
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Using a spiral approach, CCPS progressively develops our students to be passionate learners, by helping them acquire the disposition to find joy in learning , possess an inquisitive mind and take ownership of their learning

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The pupils planted the seeds of the kang kong plant and took care of them for several weeks.JPG