Upper Primary: Primary 5 and Primary 6

Building on the earlier focus of having joy in learning and an inquisitive mind, students learn to take ownership of their learning and be proactive and self-directed in learning. The key to ownership of learning is to build in them the intrinsic motivation to learn.

Develop Self-directed Learners through Motivation

PIES Target Setting
The school has adopted PIES target setting which has deepened the students’ understanding of target setting beyond setting academic subject targets (otherwise referred to as the Intellectual target). It includes setting Physical, Emotional and Spiritual targets (such as ensuring they sleep early, persevere and reflect on their actions). The target setting processes are taught during the annual team building activities for students and during their P5 and P6 archery and enrichment lessons. Target setting is carried out during FTGP lessons and is monitored on a quarterly basis.

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Motivation through Experiential Learning
Through experiential learning, students undergo challenges which build their confidence and teach them commitment and the spirit of striving for excellence. 

Garden Curriculum @ CCPS / Young Scientist Programme/ Interactive Science walls

For example, for Primary 5 and 6 Science, some experiences which the students go through include learning trails in school such as the Garden Curriculum which is designed to provide platforms for students to take ownership of their own learning. QR codes are used to provide an interactive learning experience for the students. The young scientist card programme also helps to motivate students to be engaged in the learning activities. The interactive science walls in the school provide opportunities for students to learn independently beyond the classroom.

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P5 Camp and booster sessions

All primary students go through a two-day one-night camp. The highlights include an amazing race at Sentosa, team building games, a campfire and outdoor cooking. This camp is followed up by two booster sessions which include physical activities which challenge the students to build their resilience and confidence and belief in themselves which enable them to take ownership of their learning.

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Strong Teacher-Student Relationship

Through SEAIP sessions, teachers understand students through these one-to-one interaction sessions. Teachers develop a better understanding of their students to provide the necessary support to motivate them to work towards their goals. They also provide timely care to keep them on track.

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Harnessing Technology for Self-directedness

Through the use of ICT, students are encouraged to learn in a self-directed manner. For example, Oral Companion is used to help our Primary 5 and 6 students assess and monitor their oral communication skills. Being able to do so on their own motivates the students to seek improvement. The interactive QR codes and learning trails using iPad devices such as the heritage trails also encourage students to learn on their own during recess.

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