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Brownies is a group of girls united in uniform and also values. In line with the school values of commitment, compassion and cheerfulness and the principles of Guiding, Brownies are given leadership training, development of character and life skills so that they can become responsible adults who are not only passionate learners but also compassionate leaders.  
Brownies are expected to keep the ‘Brownie Promise’ and the ‘Brownie Law’ and to ‘Lend A Hand’ at all times to the best of their ability. During our meetings, Brownies play games, sing, do craftwork and prepare for the different levels of tests they have to take to earn their proficiency badges.
Pupils will join Brownies in P2 as Tweenies. In order to become a Brownie, they have to be assessed on their attitude, commitment and initiative before being enrolled into the uniformed group.

Meetings are on Tuesdays from 2 to 4 pm.
Teachers-in-charge: Ms Haslin, Mrs Eileen Goh, Mrs Jennifer Kwek, Mrs Judy Lie, Mrs Leung and Mdm Chua from Canossian School.