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Concert Band

The Canossa Convent Primary School brass band believes that the band is not only a platform for its members to hone their musical talents but to also develop their character.

Depending on the instruments they are assigned to – interestingly enough, based on the shape and size of their lips – pupils will be taught the proper techniques so as to master their instruments. To expand their repertoire, band members also learn a variety of music genres, from pop songs to classical pieces.

Equally important to the band is the character development of its pupils. The band aims to instil in its members graciousness in their dealings with their teachers and peers, resilience to overcome obstacles that they face as well as confidence when performing before others.

Some of the events that the band has performed at include the opening of the Hort Park, the Junior Band Festival at the Victoria Concert Hall as well as the NEA’s South East Clean and Green Singapore Carnival. The band has also been invited as a guest band in other secondary schools’ band concerts. The band performs at school events like our annual Thanksgiving and at our Open House concerts too.

It is the hope of the band that at the end of their 4.5 years in band, its members are not only talented musicians but also girls of exemplary character.