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Contemporary Dance

The Contemporary Dance group in Canossa Convent endeavours to provide the Primary 2 to Primary 6 dancers with a holistic dance education to learn basic to more advanced body movements to enhance their flexibility and precision in dance steps while learning how to appreciate dance in the form of art. Apart from the weekly dance sessions conducted by the facilitators, our dancers were also given a lot of platform to showcase their talent through internal and external performances and competitions.

Values like perseverance, integrity and caring and respecting for one another will also be inculcated. Through the practice sessions, performances and competitions, we aim to develop our dancers’ confidence and poise in dancing.

Our Achievements:
Silver (2008)
Gold with Honours (2010)
Gold with Honours (2012)

Public Performances:
Olympic Day Run Ceremony (2012)
HDB 10-to20 Years of Long Service Award Ceremony (2013)