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Through the CCPS’ Environment Education programme, we aim to develop a community of compassionate leaders and passionate learners who take an active role in saving the earth. We aim to raise both staff and student awareness about the importance of conserving Earth’s natural resources on earth and ensure that systems are in place for staff and pupils to play an active role in saving the earth. 

Learning Outcomes: 
Every Canossian
- Is aware that interactions between Man and his environment can impact the environment both in a positive or negative way
Appreciates the importance and necessity of preserving our natural heritage and hence develops a cheerful, compassionate and positive concern for the environment
- Knows how to apply different conservation methods (4Rs) to manage resources responsibly both in school and in the community

Key Programmes:
-  Environment Week where students will go through the environmental lesson packages in class and participate in 4Rs activities during the week
-  Assembly talks and recess activities during special environment dates such as World Water Day and Earth Day 
-  Termly Green Quizzes for the different levels 
-  Community outreach

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