The HeARTS (Holistic Education through the ARTs) programme refers to the school’s aesthetics curriculum. Adopting the E-Cube approach of Exposure, Experience and Excursion, the Aesthetics Department strives to provide depth and breadth in our pupils’ experience of the arts as well as inculcate graciousness, resilience and confidence.

Approach Platform Details
Exposure Assembly Programmes To provide an arts programme for our pupils that develops their appreciation of the various art forms (theatre, dance, music, visual arts, literary arts, film and multimedia).
Experience Art and Music Curriculum, Talent development, Aesthetics CCAs and platform
To give our pupils opportunities to develop their talents through modular approaches in: 
• the art and music curriculum
• talent development programmes
• a progressive 5-year CCA experience and
• various platforms to showcase their talents
Excursion Learning Journeys Each level goes on a learning journey to an arts venue to expose pupils to a variety of art forms as well as introduce iconic art venues to them.

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Art Curriculum @ CCPS

  • All art modules are planned based on the Seeing, Expressing, Appreciating (SEA) approach.

Approach Details
Seeing Pupils engage their senses to observe the surroundings, view and discuss artworks to develop their sensory skills, encourage imagination and promote ideas generation.
Expressing Pupils generate ideas, experiment and explore different ways to create artworks to communicate their ideas, feelings and experiences.
Appreciating Pupils acquire appropriate art vocabulary to interpret and share about their artworks. They also learn to draw connections and see the relevance of art in their daily lives and the community.

  • Pupils are exposed to different local and global artists and a wide variety of art forms such as 2D, 3D, Design and Digital Media.
  • Differentiated Instruction (DI) and thinking routines such as I SEE, I THINK, I WONDER are infused into the different art modules.
  • All pupils have the opportunity to present and share about their artwork in front of their classmates.

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Music Curriculum @ CCPS

  • All music lessons are carefully planned based on the Experience-Concept-Application-Recap (E-C-A-R) approach 

Experience Students experience and perceive the new concept through singing and accompanying kinaesthetic, aural and visual activities
Concept Teachers will help their students relate the activities in the Experience phase to formal learning
Application The Application phase involves various forms of practice such as recognition, notation, reproduction, improvisation, creating, performing and listening
Recap Serves as a recall and summary of the music concepts learnt during the music lesson

  • Our CCPS Music Curriculum is integrated with their English STELLAR (STrategies for English Language Learning and Reading) programme, thus drawing a connection and relevance to all that they are learning.

  • Pupils are exposed to a wide variety of composers and music genres through the ‘Composer of the Term’ programme, which infuses thinking routines and differentiated instruction. 

  • Through learning journeys, such as a trip to the Esplanade (P2), pupils will appreciate the different roles musicians play in society. Through the Digital Music Programme (P4), pupils will have the opportunity to explore music creation using technology. All pupils will apply their learning by performing on stage during the Teachers’ Day Celebrations.

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Recognising the increasing popularity of digital media in the aesthetics, the use of ICT has been woven into the arts curriculum. For example, our P2 pupils learn the use of MS Paint while our P5 pupils learn about Stop-Motion Animation. Our pupils’ talents are groomed through the Arts Instructional Programme, Arts CCAs and Arts Enrichment Programme. Their confidence in their own talents is enhanced through the provision of opportunities for external performances. In addition, since 2007, all members of Arts CCAs have opportunities to attend concerts, performances and exhibitions to extend their understanding of the Arts. This is important especially for pupils who are less likely to have the opportunity to attend such arts events

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The quality of our Arts Education and that of our performing Arts groups has been recognized through a number of awards, in particular the National Arts Education Award (NAEA) - Silver (2009-2012), the Glow Award (2013-2016) and the SYF Certificates of Accomplishment (2014, 2016 and 2018) in Choir, International Dance and Brass Band. 
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