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Learning for Life Programme (LLP): Service Innovation through Design Thinking

With formation of the heart and service as a hallmark of Canossian schools, the school’s life-long learning programme aims to provide our students the platform to acquire and apply skills that will develop them to become compassionate leaders through the design thinking process with emphasis on inculcating empathy in our students. Using a spiral approach, Design Thinking are explicitly taught in a progressive manner across the levels and age-appropriate authentic platforms such as the Values in Action (VIA) projects. Pupils learn to communicate effectively and handle conflicts (if any), develop empathy and perspective of others’ feelings by listening to one another and seeking to understand the needs of others. Structures in the design thinking process, such as ‘Creating a Persona’, ‘Journey Mapping’ and interview, help pupils develop a deeper sense of empathy for others. Coupled with the experience of prototyping their ideas, pupils learn that they have the power to make a difference and help others beyond just feeling sympathy for others. The whole programme is designed to equip the pupils with the skills and the attitude to take action and take charge to solve problems around them. We would like them to be concerned citizens and an active contributor to the society.