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Satellite Partnership between Canossa Convent Primary School (CCPS) and Canossian School (CS)

The Satellite partnership focusses on providing purposeful and appropriate inclusion opportunities between a SPED and a mainstream school which offers mutual benefits to the students of both schools.

What does the Satellite Partnership look like in CCPS and CS?

This partnership is unique as hearing-loss students from CS students learn and participate in all activities alongside their hearing peers from CCPS, except for CCA. While most students from SPED schools are exempted from Mother Tongue, this partnership allows CS students to attend Mother Tongue lessons in CCPS.

What are the benefits of a Satellite Programme?

The seamless integration of students from both schools creates the opportunity for:

  • Social integration between CCPS and CS students. There are heart-warming stories of CCPS and CS students becoming the best of friends. 
  • CS students are immersed in a language-rich hearing environment. 
  • CCPS students increase their awareness and sensitivity to students with special needs and develop empathy. 
  • Language development for both CCPS and CS students is supported as they learn how to better communicate and interact with their peers.

Chatter Games (During Recess)

The Chatter Games sessions allow students from CCPS and CS to interact and develop social skills through inclusive free play. Students from CS and selected students from CCPS assume the role of game masters. The chatter games are held during recess. Students from both schools learn important social interaction skills and enjoy this opportunity to make new friends.


Hearing Awareness Week

The Hearing Awareness Week is an annual event in CCPS that is co-organised with CS. The main objective of the event is to create greater awareness of the importance of taking care of our hearing.

There are pre-assembly educational talks and activities during the recesses for the students of both schools. Local suppliers of various hearing devices set -up booths at the school, displaying a range of devices that help those with hearing loss.

These talks and displays help students understand that people with disabilities, when assisted with the right devices, can become completely independent and lead normal lives.

How do CCPS and CS work together?

  • Through close and regular communication between the school leaders, coordinators and staff of both schools. 
  • CCPS and CS staff co-plan non-core activities which promote social integration, such as Canossa Convent Primary’s 75th Anniversary Celebrations (2016), Chatter Games (during recess) and the schools’ Chinese New Year celebrations.