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School Philosophy, Culture and Ethos

Established in 1941, Canossa Convent Primary School (CCPS) is one of the educational institutions set up by the sisters of the Canossian Daughters of Charity in Singapore. It is affiliated to St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary, an autonomous school.

Canossa Convent Primary School (CCPS) is an all-girls catholic school that delivers Canossian Education which anchors in the formation of the whole person. The Canossian education emulates the work and spirit of our foundress St Magdalene of Canossa to serve the poorest of the poor. It is inclusive and embraces persons of all faiths and races and those with special needs. The Canossian education emphasises the formation of the heart to anchor our pupils in values especially to instil in our pupils the spirit of serving the poor.

In line with the Canossian Education of building a whole person, CCPS aims to develop our pupils to be passionate learners who are self-directed and resilient and compassionate leaders who serve with humility. CCPS graduates will be leaders of character who live the Canossian Identity which encompasses the school values of 3Cs (Commitment, Compassion and Cheerfulness). 

It takes a village to raise a child and CCPS has a unique advantage as it is situated in the Canossian Eduplex, a unique borderless community, consisting of Convent Primary, Canossaville Children and Community Services, Canossian School (for the hearing loss), and Canossaville Preschool to provide for the social and educational needs of the community in Aljunied. The various sectors in the Canossian Eduplex share a common belief in the care of the child and work closely with one another to provide the love, care and education needed for the holistic development of the child.